So, I really haven't forgotten about my blog! 

It's not really letting me post videos on Weebly, so I've been posting them on Youtube. Here's a link to my account page, you can check out all of my videos here:
Check out my videos and see what I'm up to! 

Love you guys!
So, today is May 4, 2012, It's our fifth day here! Today is the first day that's I've been able to get the internet to work (with Paizley's help)...

But, yeah! I have a video for you (But it's on Youtube...)! I'm going to try to post it! I hope it works! Comment to let me know how y'all are doing!!
Hey, everybody! 

I wanted to get a quick post up, before you all tried to murder me! The internet is just now working, and I tried to post videos on here, but it said they were too long, so I'm having to cut them up! I'm in the process of doing that now, so, hopefully I'll be able to post a bunch of, like, 5 min. videos either tonight, or sometime today! 

Comment to let me know how you're doing, and I'll hopefully be able to see it!

Oh, and a good way to be able to see all of my posts' in full length is on Youtube! Just type ashlininasia into the search panel, and you should be able to find me!

Until next time!

Hola! How ya doin' today? Good? Awesome!

So, at this very moment I'm in the ATL Airpot, waiting in my terminal for my plane to S. Korea...EXCITING!! It's like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I'm not as stressed as I was last week, which is good!

I think at some point, I was just stressed because I was stressed. Do you understand what  I'm saying (typing?)? I feel I feel much better, and at this point if I've forgotten anything, whatever, I'll buy it in Korea. I'm past caring at this point. Only about one more hour, and then we board!

It's so feels like any other day, but I'll be in S. Korea in about 15 hours! EXCITING!!!

I'll see y'all in about a month! AHHH! Wish me luck!
Hi, people!

How's everybody? Good? Good. 

Well, I leave this Sunday T_T Actually, I'm really excited XD! But, that doesn't mean that I'm not going to miss everyone! This is my shoutout to Meredith, Carlie, Sam, Lorin (even though I'm angry at know why, don't question it), and my family! I'll try to keep in touch, lol. As much as I can at least :P

I'll be sure to have extra fun just for y'all! Here's the next least Meredith looks stupid in this one with me...
Okay, I decided that since I had posted my powerpoint from this week I might as well post my powerpoint from last week. Last week's assignment was on S. Korea and I was assigned the S. Korean culture and people. So the link for the powerpoint will be below, I'm also gonna try to add a little something extra ;)

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Sooooo, How's everybody? Awesome?

I just realized how incredibly stupid I am. I accidentally saved the last post as a draft instead of publishing it. -_-;;

I'm a dingbat. I know. 

So, you now get two posts in one day! It's aMAYzing! You're not impressed, huh? I didn't think so...Oh, well. We had another meeting today, we talked about a few of the things we'll see while we're in China: The Great Wall, Shanghai, the Terracotta Soldiers, Tiananmen Square, and a few other places. I wanna go to the Shanghai Zoo! I wish I could take home a panda...but, that would cost waaaay too  much. Seriously I'd have to buy a bamboo orchard, and then when it ate that, I'd have to get another one some how. It just wouldn't work out. So sad.

Anyways, we also talked about what we should pack on the trip. I swear Ivy must have a magical bag, or some serious packing skills, because she gave us a copy of what she's bringing and I don't know how she fit everything into one bag. Seriously. She must be Mary Poppins. You know, with that bag that you can fit anything in and it never gets any bigger or heavier. I wish I had skills like that. *sigh*

I don't know what I'm actually going to do when I really start to crack down and pack for real. I'm in the process of just thinking about what I need to pack, when I actually get around to packing for real I'm gonna die. I'll have a heart attack from all the stress, and I'll never get to go to S. Korea or China. They'll miss me, I know it. Who wouldn't? I'm awesome. Obviously. 

 I feel like this post has gone on long enough, your eyes are probably about to fall out of your head, or you fell asleep or something. So I'll end it now before that happens. Until next time!


P.S. I'm going to try to post the powerpoint I made on Tiananmen Square (It was our assignment for the week) :)

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What's up people? Having a good day? Awesome! :)

So! We had another orientation day yesterday (Sunday April 8, 2012), It's completely escaped my notice until recently, but we only have, like, two or three weeks left until the trip! AHHHHH! I'm so excited/nervous/freaked/stressed! But, I'm mostly excited, so yay! I hope I don't disappoint Lander in any way. I'm nervous about trying to speak the language. I hope Boyoung is around me all the time, so I don't insult someone by accident! That'd be bad...ugh, I'm freaking out just thinking about it. My gosh. 

Ok, well, now that that freak out's over. Whew. I'm so excited about the trip, and I'm gonna try to post everything here! Yay! I'm going to post everyone's blog links as I get them, as of right now I think there are three people? Maybe four? The links will be below:

Also, here's the Lander International Department homepage:

Until next time, adieu!
I thought I might as well add this...even though I'm a little bit embarrassed by it. Oh well, might as well put it up. (You'll wanna turn your volume all the way up)

How's everybody doing? Great? Awesome. Not so great? Sowwy. 

So I feel like my first post should be epic in some way, but I'm really not an "epic" type of person (can a person be born epic? Is that even possible?) , so I feel that a mildly funny, average post is what you're gonna get. Sorry. On my homepage I "talked" (typed?) about going to Asia in about a month and making a vlog about every day or so. I even bought a camcorder just for that. It's purdy. 

But for real. I'm really excited about the trip, I've been looking forward to it since the beginning of second semester. Yay for anticipation! (Antica......pation. Anybody know what I'm talking about? You get a cookie if you guess! Then again, you might need to be a movie buff to get it *hinthint*) 

I guess for now I'll say adieu! (Since I have nothing remotely interesting to talk about)